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Département Quincaillerie et fourniture industrielle
Fourniture industrielle
Vanne Steam valve : Cast Iron - GG25 - Temperature 300°C ..
Purgeur thérmodinamique Thermodynamic steam trap : Range of bimetallic Spirax Sarco steam traps to control the discharge of condensate to reduce energy loss caused by the revaporization steam. A priority in the world.
TUYAUTERIE INDUSTRIELLE Industrial piping: Seamless black tube - Stainless steel tube ...
LAINE DE ROCHE Shells rockwool: Imperative for insulation seamless black tube ...

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Tôles et aciers spéciaux

Aluminum: Bars, round, flat sheets, tear drop sheets


Brass: bars, rounds, hexagons, sheet 1st Title, horology round , round tubes ...

Bronze: Jets ...

INOX Stainless steel: perforated and full sheet, round, cables, bolts and threaded rods, tubes, angles, valves ...

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Quincaillerie et outillages divers
Galva lourde

serie heavy Galvanised tube & accessories: Piping which lasts for life.

  • Dim 15 X 21 - th:3,20mm
  • Dim 20 X 27 - th:3,20mm
  • Dim 26 X 34 - th:4,00mm
  • Dim 33 X 42 - th:4,00mm
  • Dim 40 X 49 - th:4,00mm
  • Dim 50 X 60 - th:4,50mm
  • Dim 66 X 76 - th:4,50mm
  • Dim 80 X 90 - th:5,00mm
  • Dim 102 X 114 - th 5,40mm
  • ...
SAMA SAMA Monaco product: Rim Locks "supervisor" bronze finishing...
oUTILLAGE BAHCO BACHO Tools: Performance and job satisfaction for professionals since 1886
AJETT AJETT Adhesives & joints gasket: Instant Adhesives , Cyanoacrylate Polymerization products or sticking fast on a wide range of materials. AJET allows manipulation in less than a minute. Ideal for parts fit and work accuracy. Economic use.

HYDRAULIC LARZEP: Hydraulic bottle jacks : All models with safety valve Forgedmaterial base.

Hydraulic benders, Suitable for carrying out bending operations with plumbing pipes. Machines with pipe bending capacities; models: manual drive (VA, VB), with electrical pump (VC) or
Hydro-pneumatic pump (VZ). Equiped with a safety valve to prevent excess pressure build-up
in the machine. All machines are delivered in sturdy wooden boxes.

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